Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM)

The IDEConsortium is made up of 15 Full Member states. Our FIDM solution is the most efficient, cost-effective and complete means of performing the service nationwide. Sharing the cost of resources among all Full Member states maximizes the return on investments for all parties. During 2nd quarter 2007 we provided our 15 Full Member states with over 539,000 matches.

Today, 15 states have fully implemented the IDEConsortium FIDM process, with over 4,000 financial institutions actively participating. The quarterly matching efforts have resulted in more than 8 million successful matches of accounts belonging to parents delinquent in their child support payments. Since 2002, IDEConsortium’s work has resulted in 1 million interstate matches.

By matching with all IDEConsortium states Full Members are provided with multi-state asset location at no additional cost and this paves the way for Automated Enforcement of Interstate (AEI) cases.

As you can see from the chart below the FIDM matches provided to our Full Member states continue to grow.

IDEC Consortium Matched Accounts