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AEI System and Process

The IDEConsortium AEI system and process include:

  • Preloaded FIDM and State provided case load MSFIDM data to eliminate the need to enter the required information in each AEI request.
  • Easy to use screens with drop down menus and automatic tabbing to the next required input field.
  • Receipt of AEI request acknowledgements from assisting states eliminating the black holes in interstate requests.
  • Status updates, activity recording and tracking for freezes, contests, seizures, collections and closures.
  • Searches by authorized users by State, Case ID, and NCP SSN.
  • New action or change action notifications by e-mail.
  • Maintenance of a profile for each Full member and Limited Partner state that identifies their unique business rules for freeze and seize criteria. These thresholds can be modified in real time. No actions sent to assisting state unless minimum threshold met.
  • Immediate error notification on user screen when the assisting state thresholds have not been met.
  • Reports, including daily administrative reports, status reports for both requesting and assisting states, workload reports, action detail reports.