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The IDEConsortium Limited Partner Solution

Many states conduct their own in-state FIDM matches or have procured the services of a vendor to perform the matches as required by federal law. Limited Partnership in the IDEConsortium allows these states to participate in the quarterly interstate match of Full Member FIDM. Limited Partners become reciprocal partners with the IDEConsortium; each agrees to process a standard file against the others' financial institutions. As Limited Partners, states benefit from access to matched data from over 4,000 financial institutions in the IDEConsortium without making any changes to their existing systems or software or vendor contracts.

Limited Partner states may initiate services by providing a quarterly inquiry file of non-custodial parents who are delinquent in their child support. Using FTP, Limited Partners may choose to submit all or a portion of their delinquent caseload each quarter. Key steps in the quarterly IDEConsortium Limited Partner process include:

  • Merging files for matching each quarter to create one master IDEConsortium Inquiry File which is distributed to all financial institutions across all Full Member states. This merge supports the interstate IDEConsortium FIDM search
  • Distributing, via FTP, the merged inquiry file to the Limited Partner state for matching against their instate financial institutions
  • Receiving a file via FTP of complete matched data from the Limited Partner state.
  • Returning a file to the Limited Partner consisting of their original records and complete match information.
  • Reporting to the Limited Partner the number of records processed, number of financial institutions, total number of matched accounts and a breakdown of the matched accounts by financial institution and state where the account is located.

Limited Partner states may also choose to participate in AEI along with other IDEConsortium Full Member and Limited Partner states. AEI allows Limited Partner states to act quickly on accounts identified by the interstate FIDM match process. Training and log-on passwords will be provided to all state employees authorized to use the system by a Limited Partner state.